Who we are

Roland Beckmann

Gene Center, LMU

Cryo-Electron Microscopy, Quality Control and mRNA Surveillance, Protein Targeting and Translocation, Ribosome Biogenesis

Dieter Braun

Physics, LMU

Origin of Life, RNA world, protocells, molecular evolution

Erwin Frey

Physics, LMU

Pattern formation, self-assembly and self-organisation, active matter, stochastic processes, evolution, collective phenomena, non-equilibrium physics

Karl-Peter Hopfner

Gene Center, LMU

Cryo-EM and crystallography, Structural Genome Biology, Innate Immune RNA and DNA Sensing, Therapeutic Protein Engineering

Ralf Jungmann

Physics, LMU
MPI of Biochemistry

Single-molecule biophysics, Super-resolution microscopy, Spatial omics, DNA nanotechnology

Don Lamb

Chemistry and Pharmacy, LMU

Fluorescence Spectroscopy &
Microscopy, Single Molecule Biophysics,
Correlation Spectroscopy, Single Particle Tracking
Single Virus Tracing

Tim Liedl

Physic, LMU

DNA Nanotechnology, Plasmonics

Olivia Merkel

Chemistry and Pharmacy, LMU

Nucleic acid formulation and delivery, cell and tumor targeting, in vivo and ex vivo models of the lung

Joachim Rädler

Physics, LMU

Lipid nanoparticles, physics of gene expression and cell migration, live cell imaging on arrays and biofabrication

Steffen Rulands

Physics, LMU

Non-equilibrium statistical physics; Collective processes in development, ageing, and cancer; Genomics; Machine learning

Petra Schwille

MPI of Biochemistry

Bottom-up synthetic biology, protein self-organization, membrane biophysics, microsystems technology, soft robotics

Friedhelm Serwane

Physics, LMU

Retina organoids, mechanobiology, tissue mechanics

Philip Tinnefeld

Chemistry and Pharmacy, LMU

Single-molecule spectroscopy, superresolution microscopy, DNA nanotechnology, biosensing

Oliver Trapp

Chemistry and Pharmacy, LMU

Prebiotic Chemistry, Chemical Complexity, Reaction Networks, Chirality

Stefan Zahler

Chemistry and Pharmacy, LMU

2D and 3D cell culture models, Angiogenesis, Mechanosignaling, Extracellular Matrix, Cell migration